Focused Impressions has bundled our entire suite of powerful plugins into a single seamless platform to solve small to enterprise business needs leveraging NopCommerce. We have created this offering as a marketing and ecommerce solution for Nop customers who want a complete and robust, out of the box set of business capabilities.


B1 / Hanna Connector

Focused Impressions has developed the technology to link your ERP supply chain management systems with a custom designed and built ecommerce storefront.

Harness the power of a fully integrated solution for your business from customer acquisition, to sale and POS, to fullfillment, and customer care with one complete package. And because you have a complete solution you have end to end metrics for your business that will enable you to make better business decisions and attract and retain more customers.

Our solution is entirely built in the cloud with the latest security and identity management technologies hardened for the most demanding customers in world.


NOP FileVault

Focused Impressions created security-controlled storage for all your documents, forms and marketing materials - digital assets of any kind. This is in a robust, fault tolerant environment with strong access controls in place that you control fully. We have complete audit capabilities to track all activities per each digital asset, an easy check-in, check-out system and version control, so you never have to question if you have the latest version. This tool is a powerful yet simple way to control and share assets and collateral with one or many users.


NOP Forms

Focused Impressions has designed and built a plug-in with eforms capability for your NopCommerce platform. The FIT solution includes advance decision tree processing, which allow you to develop rules that have various outcomes, based on how a question is answered by your users. These decision trees can be easily customized and modifed on the fly, and are capable of collecting valuable data.


NOP Product Customizer

Focused Impressions has created a powerful product collateral customization tool that gives users advanced editing capabilities. This tool uses pre-designed Photoshop templates for complex personalized collateral that has automated merging, merged product preview, and ability to generate high resolution print-ready output files..